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My name is Jason Swan and I am an Independent Financial Advisor with over 15 years experience in financial advice and a Senior Partner at Holborn Assets in Europe where I lead a team that has over 50 years combined experience in serving as financial advisers for European expatriates. 

I welcome the opportunity to meet with all our clients in person where possible, or via video call if preferred and our mission is simple, to offer our clients the expert advice they need to put their money in the right place, at the right time.

Jason Swan IFA

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Jason Swan
About Me

My advice is designed for global expatriates, helping them to protect, maintain and enhance their private wealth. My focus, to have an exemplary understanding of both onshore and offshore investment structures, ensuring my clients´ assets are held within the most tax and cost effective manner.


My advice is qualified to UK standards, with my experience spread worldwide. Authorised and regulated within one of the industries largest financial advisories, Holborn Assets as a Senior Partner.  My specialist areas are investment management, tax, succession and retirement planning.

Having left the UK myself in 2016, I understand the challenges expats face and in turn, understand their unique needs and objectives.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with my clients in person where possible, although ever-more frequently now via video call.

My mission is simple, to offer my clients the expert advice they need to put their money in the right place, at the right time.

Jason Swan
Standing ovation
Award Winning Financial Advisor

Jason Swan has for many years excelled in providing financial advice to clients all over the world and recently his hard work, dedication and personal service has been recognised at the Holborn Awards Ceremony where he was awarded the prestigious No. 1 Financial Adviser in Europe & Rest of the World for 2022, as well as the Digital Ambassador for 2022.


What our customers say

Courteous, knowledgeable and straightforward.

Jason Swan, our advisor, has been an excellent ambassador for his company. He is courteous, pleasantly spoken, knowledgeable and straightforward in his advice and guidance. His telephone calls have always been promptly on time, his email responses have been quick and complete and his investment advice has been given in an understandable manner. He understood very quickly our particular needs and was able to give us guidance to our complete satisfaction. I look forward to continuing our business relationship for some considerable time to come.


Byron Rodgers

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