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Wills and Succession Planning

Living overseas can make succession planning that bit more challenging. You must consider your assets in more than one country, with perhaps beneficiaries abroad also. Before you draft a will, its important to have an expert guide you on your labilities and ensure you understand which jurisdiction they fall under.


There are different rules in each country, failure to understand these may result in an unwanted tax liability for you or your heirs. Cross-border expertise in this area can prove invaluable, there is a library of financial planning tools at our discretion. Together, we can structure your assets and set a clear path for your succession whilst minimising applicable taxes.


We also look what happens in the event of the first death, what impact does this have on your partner and/or children? How does the household income reduce and how they may maintain their standard of living in the event of an untimely death. Losing a partner is a a very difficult time, but this can be made worse with increasing liabilities and a reduced income. 

I will illustrate the financial situation in any event and explain what options you have to protect yourself and your family.

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